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15 (Very) FAQ’s On Starting A Weight Loss Program


WEIGHT LOSS IS SIMPLE….at least in theory.

You may think that losing weight is as easy as eating the right kinds of foods and increasing the amount of energy you expend.

If it was that simple, why don’t more of us who want to lose weight, actually accomplish it?

HINT: Successful weight loss depends largely on and starting to change them.

For most, going cold-turkey completely and changing too much too soon usually leads to an ineffective weight loss strategy. I have always had better success by gradually easing into new behavioral changes that cater to my lifestyle.

I am going to reveal to you the most frequently asked questions when starting a weight loss program.

These FAQ’s are questions that I get asked quit frequently. I hope they give you an idea of what a weight a loss program is and isn’t.

Most importantly, I hope they help you make smart decisions for real, lasting weight loss.



Question 1: Do I have to starve myself to lose weight?

Answer: Starving yourself is a dangerous way to lose weight. In fact, .

This can lead to a variety of health problems including dehydration and muscle atrophy. By starving yourself of food, you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients.

One of these happens to be glucose – the energy molecule of life. A better solution is to focus on the quality of the food you’re eating, not just the quantity.

Question 2: Do I have to count calories to lose weight?

Answer: Actually, I am a pretty firm believer of not counting your calories. For some, it can be beneficial but for most it’s just one more thing to obsess over.

That being said, I do think it’s essential to utilize some sort of to get a general idea of the foods you’re eating. Keeping track of you’re food makes you more aware, which has proven to lead to healthier food choices.

is a simple and accurate way to measure the foods you eat on a daily basis. With over 80,000 foods listed, MyFoodDiary.com carries virtually all food types.

The best part? It’s FREE.

You can sign up for a and play around with it to see if you like it.

My food diary
With over 80,000 food options, MyFoodDiary is one of the most complete online food journals.

Question 3: Can I lose more weight with cheat days?

Answer: Although cheat days may have their benefits, you may want to rethink how beneficial cheat days are for you.

An interesting read to check out is . This article has good reasoning for eliminating cheat days altogether. Junk food is designed to be addictive, and reintroducing it into our diet makes it that much harder to stay away from. This can be a problem if you have cravings and tend to binge eat.

Question 4: Should I take a protein supplement?

Answer: Yes, in fact I highly recommend it. Protein is one of those catalytic tools that can speed up weight loss and prevent it in the first place.

Most of us struggle to for breakfast and in between meals. In these instances a high quality protein supplement is a great solution. It will work to reduce appetite because it is more satiating than fat and carbs.

Question 5: Why do you recommend Formulx protein powder?

I highly recommend because it’s an all natural whey protein supplement with several high quality ingredients that aren’t found in most other supplements.

This Non-GMO protein powder is derived from grass-fed cows which means a and more omega 3’s. Another reason to try Formulx is that it has plant-based digestive enzymes that prevent bloating.

Grassfed beef is not only is lower in overall fat but it has the added advantage of providing more omega-3 fats.
Grass-fed beef is not only is lower in overall fat but it has the added advantage of providing more omega-3 fats.

Question 6: How many carbs, proteins, and fat should I consume?

Answer: The amount of macronutrients you should consume depends on a variety of factors that include your age, activity level and current eating habits. Since studies have shown that low carb diets are superior to low fat diets, it’s a good idea to focus on your carb intake. For most people, per day will produce metabolic benefits.

Question 7: What are the best foods to eat before bed?

Answer: Eating before bed can lead to an array of issues including weight gain and an outright inability to fall asleep. A good solution is stay away from foods that are high in sugar to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Upon digestion, sugar will provide your body with substantial energy. Not ideal if you’re trying to sleep. A better solution is to stick with foods that are largely made up of protein and fat:

  • Chicken
  • Red Meat
  • Eggs
  • Peanut butter
  • Beans
  • Cheese

Not only will these snacks keep you satisfied, most fats and proteins contain the amino acid Tryptophan. Research shows that tryptophan produces serotonin, which .

Question 8: My budget is tight, can I afford to eat healthy?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is a lot more affordable than most people think. A good resource to utilize is Leanne Brown’s free PDF ebook .

You can also purchase and of her book from Amazon for less than $15. She breaks down the myth that eating healthy is expensive and shows you how you can do it with a little bit of creativity.

Question 9: How can I keep the weight off for good?

Answer: The number one reason people fail to keep their weight loss off is because they reintroduce bad habits back into their life. The only way I know how to lose weight and keep it off is by sustaining a healthy lifestyle. That being said, I have found maintaining your ideal weight is a lot easier than being in a more extreme weight loss phase.

Question 10: When is the best time to eat carbs?

Answer: Since carbs are our body’s , you should not abstain from them completely. An ideal time to consume carbs is in the morning when our bodies have been fasting for the last 6 – 8 hours. Eating the majority of your carbs in the morning will give you the rest of the day to burn off and prevent excess energy.

Question 11: How do I lose belly fat?

Answer: Contrary to what infomercials may tell you, there’s no such thing a spot reduction weight loss. Fat loss is a complete body experience that depends upon your genetics, gender and age.

The last fat you gained on your body will be the first to come off. wrote a clever article about this, . It’s a common myth that doing ab exercise will get rid of your abdominal fat but there’s just no research that supports this.

Question 12: Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight?

Answer: It ultimately depends on your level of consumption. Alcohol contains a few weight gain risk factors that are dependent on the amount of consumption. In moderation, alcohol is less of a risk for weight gain than for those who consumes alcohol more regularly.

Question 13: Will a digital tracking device help me lose weight?

Answer: A will help you visualize weight loss success. A visual cue is a powerful way to remind yourself of the goals you have set. Seeing is believing and .

Visual cue (2)

For most people, the visual reminder of wearing a on your wrist is successful way to keep you moving towards your goals.

An added benefit of using such a tech savy tracker is that most wristbands are loaded with several features that make losing weight a little easier. I personally use the because it has a heart rate monitor built in.

Question 14: Can I skip meals to save calories?

Answer: A reduction in calories alone won’t help you reach your full weight loss goals. The quality of those calories are far more important that how many you eat. Additionally, going several hours without it will cause your metabolism to drop significantly. Those who eat less meals per day tend to eat bigger meals and increase their chance of overeating.

Question 15: How often should I weigh myself?

Answer: Probably less than you think…Jillian Michael’s wrote a fascinating article, . She recommends weighing yourself once a week, around the same time every week. Since many factors (food, water weight, dehydration) contribute to the accuracy of the scale, its best to keep it consistent.

(BONUS) Question 16: How do I stop sweet cravings?

Answer: The best solution is to avoid having them in the first place. However, for most of us that’s easier said than done. A good solution is to chose a food or beverage that naturally has sugar in it with fiber.

I prefer to make my own smoothies or drink a . While these drinks do have sugar in them, the fiber in them works to prevent a large spike in crash in your blood sugar.

When looking at the supermarket for a juice, it’s best to look for “Cold-Pressed.” Although hard to find in stores, is a superior product that’s derived from organic produce.


What kind of questions do you have about weight loss that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below what I’ve missed. I know there’s more that I haven’t included.