These delicious healthy smoothie recipes make it easy to eat healthy with fruit, vegetables, almond milk and other nutritious ingredients.

They’re also good for those on a meal replacement diet!

Product Description

Making your own smoothies is a quick and easy way to provide your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. It ensures that you know the exact ingredients that are going into your body.

Many supplements and other pre-packaged vitamins today contain preservatives and unappetizing food additives. Making your own smoothie guarantees a whole food approach to healthy eating.

This eBook is divided into 5 tasty categories: Detox, Fruit Lovers, Smoothie Bowls, Layered Smoothies, and Dessert Smoothies. With over 30 recipes you’re sure to have plenty of tasty options!

The 5 Best Benefits of Smoothies

1. Pure Nutrition

Smoothies are the rock stars of nutrient dense foods. Blending fruit and vegetables together provides an assortment of nutrients that makes this beverage pure nutrition.


2. Healthier than Juicing

The difference between juicing and blending is subtle but impactful to your body. Juicing aims to extract as much liquid out of the fruit as possible. This is the tasty sugary beverage we like to drink.

The remaining pulp goes into a collective basket that gets thrown out. The bad news is that this pulp is very nutritious. In fact, this is the matter that contains all the good stuff such as fiber and nutrients. Blending on the other hand, preserves the entire fruit and maximizes nutritional content.

3. Healthy Meal Replacement

Smoothies make a nutritious meal replacement when you don’t have the time. You can add several types of protein to accompany the amount fruits and vegetables in your smoothie to create yourself a balanced whole food meal drink.

Smoothie Bowl

4. Easy to Digest

Fruit and vegetables are composed of primarily water and therefore aren’t as likely to upset your stomach as a heavier, meat and potatoes type of meal would. Smoothies are a great solution if eating breakfast isn’t your thing.

5. Prevent Food from Going to Waste

Fruits that are too ripe to eat make a perfectly good addition in your smoothie. Freezing your fruit not only stops the ripening process but gives your smoothie a frothy, milkshake like consistency. Frozen fruit can last several months in your freezer.

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