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About Me and You…

Let me cut through the red tape:

Most people looking to improve their health are going about it the wrong way.

I’ll say that again, there are better ways of getting healthy that many people just don’t know about.

You see, it’s not anyone’s fault in particular.

Health advice is coming at us from so many sources (personal trainers, media, and government) that that we often feel bombarded and confused.

The sheer amount of health advice that’s out there is conflicting too.

Here is the problem:

If you don’t learn to distinguish the science from the silliness, you’ll be running circles on your health. No one wants to devote time to getting healthy without getting results…

Of course, you are passionate about getting your health into order but I bet you’re even more passionate about the way you want to live.

You’re willing to do what it takes to get healthy but you don’t want to sacrifice time with your family and your friends.

I’m here to tell you that you can have it all. And I’m going to show you.

Maybe you’re here because food and nutrition interests you. Maybe you’re here because you’re looking for a few ways to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Maybe you’re here because you find my unconventional approach to nutritionism fascinating.

Whatever brings you here, I thank you for stopping by.

My goal is to give you the knowledge to become a better consumer and change the way you think about food and nutrition. I have been a personal trainer, health student, and someone who has spent years reading books, blogs and research studies on food and nutrition.

What is TheOtherSideofFood.com, you ask?

A place where you can learn quite a bit about health and nutrition without the daunting task of sifting through dense scientific information. Whether you are a food science maven or just looking for a few ways to live a healthier and happier life, I think I have some things for you.